An unforeseen scenario

As a result of the current travel restrictions, cancellation of events, closure of cultural institutions across Poland, and the general shutdown of Polish society to combat the spread of COVID-19, for the first time in 21 years our company has paused the monthly publication of our peerless series of Polish travel guides

As a travel company that relies on the steady financial support of our local partners in the tourism, gastronomy, nightlife, hospitality, culture and events sectors, Poland In Your Pocket is essentially a microcosm of the industries suffering most right now.

With the cash flow of the company coming to a sudden halt, we find ourselves in an incredibly precarious financial predicament. Unpaid invoices and high costs have put the salaries of our dedicated and passionate team – our most important asset – at risk.

We need you!

In the face of current challenges, we are turning to you with great humility to ask for support via direct donation.

Although we’ve always made all of our content free to our readers (whoops), we are now faced with the reality that without immediate support, we will not survive this crisis. If you have ever used one of our guidebooks, enjoyed our articles online, or simply admire what we do, we kindly ask you to help us continue promoting Poland in English in whatever form that will take in the post-Coronavirus reality. We are determined to not only be there as the travel industry recovers, but to grow stronger during this time, using that strength to rebuild our local tourist markets which were among the most attractive in Europe only months ago. Help us achieve that goal and make a donation now.

The mission continues

We know we are not unique in our difficulty during this time. All of our clients and partners are hurting just as much as we are, as are millions of firms across the world. Despite being reprieved of oppressive print deadlines, or rather as a result of it, our tireless team of remote IYP operatives is now putting all of its energy into creating new content relevant for the current COVID-contaminated reality, while using our social media channels to spread support for local causes and help those local businesses that are fighting for their survival right now, just as we are. To find out how you can support other local businesses in Poland like ours, follow our Facebook pages, subscribe to our newsletter, and read our article dedicated to Helping Local Causes & Communities.

Read our story

Poland In Your Pocket is a small family business based in Kraków, PL with an international team of 20 employees throughout Poland…and also somewhere in a bunker in Czechia (shoutout to Tomas Haman, Pocketeer for life). Now literally in our second century, in July 1999 we published our first print guide to Kraków – delivered to the printing house on a stack of floppy disks … Continue reading!

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